Coachella's 'criminal' food costs revealed by festival attendees

Coachella's 'criminal' food costs revealed by festival attendees
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Food and drink prices at Coachella have been circulating on social media, as attendees shared how much cash they need to splash to eat.

The first weekend of the California music festival took place with headliners such as Lana Del Rey (Friday), Tyler, the Creator (Saturday), and Doja Cat (Sunday) who will all return to the stage for the second weekend shows on April 19-21.

When it comes to going to the festival, its a pricey occasion as general admission passes for the three days cost $499 plus fees.

Of course, this doesn't cover food and drink inside the festival, and people have been sharing online how much they're forking out.

For example, TikToker Jackie Tanti (@jackietanti) who last year went viral for revealing how expensive her order (two burritos and two iced coffee) was and has returned again this year to give viewers the run down.

She ended up ordering pretty similar items - two burritos and a cucumber water - and gave her verdict.


$64 for two burritos and cucumber water !! #coachella2024 #coachellacarcamping

"It's weekend one of Coachella, and I've just spent $64 on this really good juice and two breakfast burritos. Capitalism is crazy and I am part of the problem," she said as she showed her purchases.

For the caption she repeated for emphasis: "$64 for two burritos and cucumber water !!"

In the comments section, people were describing the price as "criminal" and "insane."

Meanwhile, TikToker @karissaeats gave a rundown of everything she ate at Coachella for under a $150 which included mac and cheese fried chicken loaded fries for $26, then a pink sparkly caesar salad for $25, three tacos for $19 ($6 per taco).


Sparkly pink Caesar salad 💕 ##foodie#fyp#coachella

She also ate dumplings for $18, hyaluronic acid acai superfood smoothie for $17, a spicy tuna burrito for $21, and bahn mi for $24.

People in the comments didn't hold back their feelings about the price as one wrote: "These prices hurt my wallet and I’m not even there."

"I will not understand why they charge so much for food and drinks when the tickets are expensive anyway," another person said.

Someone else added: "That feels so expensive."

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