Couple receives backlash online over firework gender reveal

Couple receives backlash online over firework gender reveal
Heartfelt Gender Reveals | A Compilation of Pure Joy and Surprise!
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A couple has been criticised for their explosive firework gender reveal which has gone viral on TikTok.

In the video posted by Nicole the Nomad (@nicole_thenomad), the expectant couple stood in front of a balloon display outside with trees in the background.

Upon counting down, fireworks suddenly rose from the ground and exploded in the sky which then created a huge pink cloud of smoke to reveal the couple are having a baby girl.

This display lasted for around 15 seconds as the delighted couple hugged each other after learning the news.


Its a… 😭😭😭 Thank you @BigGrinFireworks for the gender reveal party of our dreams. We cant WAIT to meet our little girl!! 💕🩷 @Chanthemans Balloons: @Butterfly Balloon Co #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #genderrevealideas #pregnanttiktok

Since posting the video, the clip has received 4.2m views, 868,000 likes and thousands of comments from viewers who criticised the gender reveal for possibly harming the local environment and wildlife.

One person sarcastically said: "Love how environmentally friendly this reveal is."

"As a Californian, I love the PTSD from firework gender reveals, so pretty," another person said, referencing how another gender reveal made headlines back in 2020 after a pyrotechnic device caused a fire in California which burned for more than 22,744 acres.

Someone else added: "So smart to do right next to all those trees this was a really good idea guys!"

"Right by a whole bunch of trees that’s safe," a fourth person commented.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker shared further details about the gender reveal party where she shared how she “pretty much DIY’d all of it."

But the backlash continued in the comments as some viewers called the event "actually insane," and joked that they " love the simplicity of the pink hydrogen bomb."

"Near the trees?? Did we not learn our lessons?" one person asked, noting gender reveal that have gone wrong in the past.

To which Nicole replied: "Can’t tell by the angle of this video but everything was set up a legal and safe distance from trees."

Elsewhere, a boxing gender reveal has sparked concern for a pregnant mother.

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