Comedian hilariously mocks cup of tea made in air fryer

Comedian hilariously mocks cup of tea made in air fryer

Making a cup of tea in an air fryer given hilarious response by comedian


Both the UK and Ireland are tea-loving nations, therefore we all take our tea-making methods pretty seriously - and so people couldn't quite believe what appliance someone used to make a cuppa with.

(If you thought tea in the microwave was criminal, then be warned you're about to watch something even worse...)

Recently, the air fryer has been a popular appliance in the kitchen with many videos of air fryer recipes online.

But now, people are using it for the unthinkable - making a cup of tea.

Here's exactly how it's done:


COME MAKE A CUP OF TEA IN THE AIR FRYER WITH ME đŸ™ŒđŸ‘Œ the best cup of tea ever! ✅ #fyp #viral #airfryer #itsmebadmom #dirtykitchen

In the comments section, many people couldn't quite believe what they were seeing in the clip.

One person said: "That is absolutely CRIMINAL."

"You ain’t British if you do that," another person said.

Someone else added: "Please turn yourself into the nearest police station."

"No this actually infuriates me," a fourth person commented.

The video even caught the attention of Irish comedian Garron Noone (@garron_music) who has previously called out the invention of ‘tea in a can’.


#irish #fyp #xyzcba #foryoupage

For the air fryer tea, Noone made his own and then proceeded to throw Knock Holy Water at the cuppa as he declared "Get out of Ireland, you filth, you evil, I banish you from our shores..."

He then warned his followers to "stay away from evil cups of tea."

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