Why you should never walk under red flags in Norway

Why you should never walk under red flags in Norway
Friends are sliding down a very icy road in Norway to get …
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A British expat living in Norway has urged tourists to never walk under the red flags across the Scandinavian country for this dangerous reason.

Emma (@heywali) turned to TikTok with the little-known notice, with the text overlay: "NEVER walk under these in Oslo".

The clip, which's racked up over 3.4 million views, shows various red signs displayed across the streets with the message "RASFARE . NO".

"When you are walking around the city, you are probably going to see some red flags like this," she explained to viewers. "They often hang outside shops and apartment blocks, they are super dangerous if you walk under them."

The TikToker continued: "If you take a look up, you can see snow and massive icicles hanging. These red flags identify where the ice and snow might drop down onto the street."

Emma later confessed that she initially did not know what they were, but now takes extra care as her "neighbour knows someone who died from falling ice."

Many shocked viewers flocked to the clip, including the likes of Jedward and Google Maps, who wrote: "Looking into adding 'beware the red flags' to all our winter walking directions on Maps."


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The firm, detailed on the flags, is known for its work in ice removal and snow traps.

"Rasfare.no removes dangerous icicles and snow quickly and efficiently," the website explains.

"We've all heard our horror stories of long and pointy icicles falling on the heads of passers-by. Everyone knows how dangerous this can be, and if you cooperate with us, the chance of accidents and injuries is reduced considerably.

"We take the work of ice removal seriously when the work takes place at height, but also because this work prevents personal injuries every single year. To make the job faster, we use experienced climbers or lift trucks, depending on what is most appropriate from building to building."

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