Doctor reveals the list of things she’d 'never do' in viral TikTok

Doctor reveals the list of things she’d 'never do' in viral TikTok
Doctor busts TikTok health myths
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Doctors know better than anyone how we should look after our health, so what exactly are the things they would avoid doing themselves?

In a viral TikTok, Dr. Nicole Van Groningen MD (@dr.nicole.vangroningen) has revealed the things she would avoid after learning the knowledge she's acquired through her experience in the medical field.

“Waking up early to exercise," she said to begin with.

"Do not let any influencers out here convince you that it’s best to cut your sleep duration short so that you can go to the gym and work out and build a better body.”

While you won't catch her riding or on the back of a motorcycle.

“There’s so many safety features of cars today, the least of which is literally walls and windows and doors. Why would you give all that up?” she asked.

On this topic, she added the importance of wearing a helmet when on a motorbike or any kind of bicycle for that matter as she noted "there is no reason not to."

“There are some specific screams from family members that I will never forget," the doctor added.

Thirdly, was how she "never blame[s] people for their health status," and believes those who do "are trying to cling to a sense of control."

"… the reality is, s**t happens and even the ‘healthiest’ people get sick.”

Similarly, Dr. Nicole explained why she would "never make an assessment of someone's health just based on how they look."

"There is so much more to health than outward appearance."


Ok admittedly one of these at the end is for vanity too. But these are truly the things you won’t carch me doing as a docror. #doctorsoftiktok #doctorlifestyle #doctorsoftiktok👩‍⚕️ #healthipstiktok #doctorslifebelike

Going out in the sun without sunscreen is also a big no-no "not even for five minutes", as the doctor noted that sunscreen containing zinc oxide is preferred for both health and vanity reasons.

Finally, doing things the natural way as the doctor noted can be "absolutely wonderful," she too highlighted the fact that before the era of modern medicine that brought in antibiotics and vaccines, "nature dictated that a lot of people died."

Since sharing this info, Dr. Nicole's video has gone viral with over 1.4m views, 142,000 likes, and thousands of comments from people sharing their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Sleep > everything else," agreeing with the first point.

"I grew up with ER dr neighbors, they called motorcycles 'donor-mobiles,'" another person said, to which the doctor responded: "Sadly I’ve heard this before too."

Someone else added: "The health status thing is so true. we are obsessed with feeling control and are willing to shame others in order to hold on to that feeling."

"MD here. I’d add 'start some weird diet' moderation in all foods," a fourth person commented.

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