Can you find the fourth object in this picture? No one can find the flower

Can you find the fourth object in this picture? No one can find the flower
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A number of different puzzles have been circulating on social media - for example the egg, glove, envelope and crutch picture.

Now the latest one to capture people's attention is all to do with an odd image of what appears to be Disney princess Pocahontas sitting on the toilet in a bathroom.

“I’m sure you can’t find the 4th object,” the puzzle instruct and has a list of four different items to look out for in the image: A whistle, egg, brush and flower.

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Sounds pretty straight forward right?


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Well it is (at least for the first three objects) as the whistle is the toilet handle, the egg is on Pocahontas's necklace and brush is part of the princess's underwear.

After this, you may have spent some time feeling impatient since finding the flower appears to be a trickier task.

Though it turns out there isn’t actually a flower in the image at all.

Following a similar pattern to other fourth object challenges, this is a silly social media prank to entice people in a bid to improve or boost their engagement on their social media profiles.

Often this involves someone going live on TikTok and displaying the puzzle and then proceeding to change their profile picture to read “Tap the + to see it”.

This is to try and encourage you to click to find the answer, but instead of providing answers, you are actually taken to their profile.

Elsewhere, people cannot find the french fries in this image.

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