Fruit roll-ups warn TikTokers against dangerous plastic eating trend

TikTok food trends 'perpetuate toxic diet culture' among teenagers

The famous US snack food Fruit Roll-Ups has gone viral on TikTok over fears you can accidentally eat the plastic, forcing the company to refute the claim.

It occurred after a TikToker named Holly made a TikTok in which she appeared to take a box of Fruit Roll-Ups out of the freezer and eat one.

The snacks are meant to be eaten at room temperature and are covered in a layer of plastic that is typically removed.

With many commenting that she didn’t take the plastic off before eating it, she made a follow-up clip that has been 6.3 million times.

She took another one from the freezer and said, “Plastic doesn’t freeze, I’m pretty sure” before proceeding to bite into it, plastic and all.

Fruit Roll-Ups’ own TikTik account got involved, replying, “Hold up” on Holly’s video. They also then did their own experiment debunking her video.

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#stitch with @hollyberry09 legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic #fruitrollup

In a clip, someone from their social media team grabbed a Fruit Roll-Up from out of the freezer and bit into it, but they were unable to bite through the plastic.

They captioned the post: “Legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic.”

It has been viewed 10.5 million times and in the comments, other TikTok users found it hilarious that the company had to do its own debunking.

One person wrote: “I’ve been on frozen fruit roll up tok for two days against my will. Thanks for clearing this up!”

Someone else joked: “Fruit roll up said ‘Let’s roll this back bc not today, not today. We are not about to get sued’.”

Another said: “Liability department was sweating for this to come out.”

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