How to use the ‘future baby’ filter on TikTok

How to use the ‘future baby’ filter on TikTok
Matt Hancock finds out his surprising 'celebrity lookalikes' using TikTok filter

People are always interested in what their future child may look like, and now there's a TikTok filter that predicts just that.

Couples who want a family in the future have been taking to TikTok using the CapCut filter to see for themselves who their future baby resembles more through this tool.

The baby's face is based on a photo of the couple, taking features from both parents to get a final (albeit hypothetical) result - all in good fun.

Though the filter has varying degrees of success with some blown away by the accuracy while others not so much.

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To try out the future baby filter for yourself, having the CapCut app is required.


Just some bigger eyebrows and I think it’s perfect! 😉 @bethcollley #childrenfilter #thatonecal

Here's how to participate in the trend:

  • Click on a TikTok from this trend and press the CapCut template button in the corner or search Baby Face filter.
  • This will then redirect you to the template where need to separate pictures of you and your partner on either side - the order doesn't matter.
  • After these photos have been added, the filter shows "loading" as it creates the picture of what it believes to be the face of your future baby.
  • This can then be posted to TikTok from the CapCut app.

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