How to find and use the ‘girl dinner’ filter on TikTok

How to find and use the ‘girl dinner’ filter on TikTok
What Is TikTok's 'Girl Dinner' Trend?

Girl dinner has taken over TikTok as women share their take on the trend - and now there's even a filter that tells you what kind of girl dinner you should have.

The term "girl dinner" refers to women consuming a varied selection of snacks or making charcuterie boards, or random foods, essentially a dish that is quick and convenient.

It began to trend thanks to TikToker Livie Maher (@liviemaher) who referenced another video on how the girl's ideal meal is bread and cheese - which led others to share their girl dinners.

Meanwhile, the filter that tells you the three different (and completely random) food items out of the 200+ available for your girl dinner was created by Laura Gouillon (@lauragouillon) who is known for her filter-making skills.


TikTok · Laura Gouillon

In her example, she ended up getting Baba ghanoush, ice cubes and vitamins when demonstrating how the filter works.

The clip received 4.7 million views, as people in the comments shared what food combination they got when using her filter.

One person said: "I got apple slices, mozzarella, and a hot dog bun."

"I got : white chocolate, meds, popcorn," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Granola, chia pudding, shredded cheese. I’d eat that ngl."

"Got pickles lettuce and mustard.... I ate it," a fourth person commented.

To try the filter out for yourself search "Girl dinner filter" in the TikTok search bar and then click on a video that has used the filter.

You should then see a name for the filter in the bottom left corner of the screen, click that and then press "Use this effect," to open up your camera and record using the filter.

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