21 of the funniest Grimace shake trend memes

McDonald's 'Grimace Birthday Shake' Creates Bizzare Viral TikTok Trend

If you've been on TikTok in the past few days there is a very strong chance that you've seen people talking about Grimace - the big purple character from McDonald's who has a new milkshake.

Turns out that Ronald McDonald's friend is celebrating his 52nd birthday this month and to mark the occasion the fast-food giants have created a new milkshake and birthday meal for the character which is sadly only available in the United States (sorry UK readers).

Yet due to this, Gen Z kids have latched onto Grimace's birthday to create a truly bizarre yet hilarious trend that sees people purchase a Grimace shake.

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However, after taking a sip from the drink the camera cuts to them in a compromised position seemingly overcome by the flavour of the purple drink.

It sounds bizarre and that's because it is but its also very creative and further showcases that Gen Z are an immensely funny and original group of people.

Anyway, on that note here are some of our favourite Grimace shake memes so far.

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