TikToker reveals hidden way to see if your company is about to do layoffs

TikToker reveals hidden way to see if your company is about to do layoffs
How Mass Layoffs May Impact Tech Earnings

A woman on TikTok has revealed how people can determine if their company is about to start laying off employees.

In a video uploaded to the account by Gabby (@corporatequitter), she shared how people can avoid being blindsided, especially given the unpredictability of the job market right now.

“There’s something called WARN notices which stand for Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications that every f***ing company, I think over 25 employees has to submit a notification to the state saying ‘Hey, we’re laying off people,” she said in the clip.

According to the US Department of Labour, the WARN Act went into practice in 1988 and is supposed to “ensure advance notice in cases of qualified plant closings and mass layoffs.”

Employers have to give written notice “at least 60 calendar days in advance” if they have over 100 full-time workers and are laying off at least 50 of them.

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In another part of the TikTok video, Gabby then showed viewers notices from states like New York and Texas, which are easy to come across on state-run websites.

Still, some states don’t follow the WARN Act, such as Georgia, Maryland, North Dakota, and Ohio to name some.

They only have to report the layoffs to state agencies, the Employment Law Handbook noted.

“For those people who are still working in corporate, I’m not a corporate person anymore, like I want to know if you got your layoff slip. Because if not, it’s showing up in this f***ing system,” Gabby continued.


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People took to the comment section of her post to share their opinions. Some said companies always try to find ways to get around the act.

One person on TikTok wrote: “It’s only for 50+ employees being laid off. My company specifically lays off 40-50 ppl each time to not have the act involved.”

“Also, it doesn’t apply to all layoffs. There are conditions that have to be met, and sometimes these are circumvented,” another added.

A third wrote: “Most companies file this the day they do the layoff, then they pay people for the required period. So this doesn’t tell anything in advance.”

According to Forbes, Twitter was sued by five employees for violating the WARN Act In November 2022. They said the social media platform laid off 50 per cent of its workforce, which was roughly 3,700 people, without the standard 60-day notice period.

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