Flight attendant reveals the measures she checks to make sure every hotel room is safe

Flight attendant reveals the measures she checks to make sure every hotel room is safe
Top 4 Best Travel Tips From A Flight Attendant
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Flight attendants travel regularly as part of their job and so spend time at hotels in different countries - and it also means they are well versed on the various ways to check their hotel room is safe and that there's no one hiding inside.

A TikTok video shared by CNNUnderscored showed flight attendant Lea as she walked through the different steps she takes to ensure her safety.

The first piece of advice she gave was to try and keep the hotel room door ajar just in case there is an intruder and you need a quick getaway.

“First I put my bag in the door to prop it open because I want to make sure I can leave quickly if the room is unsafe," Lea said.

After this, travelling a thorough inspection of the room is done.

“Then I check every area to make sure that there is no one hiding in my room - and believe me it happens.” the flight attendant added

.Next, Lea then poked the curtains with a clothes hanger and explained why she used this object.

“A senior flight attendant once told me to always use a hanger when checking behind the curtains because if they grab something, it won’t be me,” she said.


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After she's established from her room check that it is all clear, Lea then takes some extra safety steps by using a doorstop and alarm so that nobody can try and break into her room.

In the comments section, people have been sharing their thoughts on Lea's tips and well as the safety precautions they take when staying in a hotel.

One person said: "As a woman remembering all this information to stay safe overwhelms me. I feel at that moment I’ll forget."

"Check the room phone to make sure it actually works. Make sure the windows are locked. I pick up take out on my way to the hotel," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "The hanger clips on the curtains!!!! Omg, I’ve never thought of that!!!!"

"I wedge the ironing board under the door knob at night," a fourth person commented.

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