People share the craziest things they've done to impress their crush in viral TikTok trend

People share the craziest things they've done to impress their crush in viral TikTok trend

Another day, another TikTok trend making waves across the platform – and this time, it's hilariously taking aim at the wildest things people have done to attract their crush.

The uploads are set against the backdrop of a Stephen Kramer Glickman cover of Gnarls Barkley's 2006 hit 'Crazy' in which he sings: "I remember when I lost my miiiiiiind."

The 'I remember when' trend has already garnered a staggering 226 million views online.

In the videos, content creators share throwback footage of themselves doing cringy things in an attempt to get their crush's attention. From cosplaying as their favourite singer to learning entire dance routines and pretending to go to prison, there's nothing out of bounds for these brave TikTokers.

One hilarious clip that racked up 8.4 million views saw Ines (@mariainespaun) take on her Ariana Grande alter ago after her love interest said he liked the star:


Wieso hat mir keiner gesagt dass das peinlich ist #irememberwhen #arianagrande #fy #fyp #crush

Another pretended they had been arrested after her crush said he "liked girls who have had run-ins with the police":

Meanwhile, one TikToker shared an old clip of her posing after she discovered her crush liked natural girls:



One man performed Drake's 'Hotline Bling," jokingly adding in the caption: "He did NOT call me on my cellphone."


He did NOT call me on my cell phone 🙃 #crush #drake #dating #single #gay #nyc #newyorkcity

TikToker Lorenzo recorded himself copying a scene from Pitch Perfect after his crush told him it was their favourite film:


This was embarrassing #fyp #xybca #foryoupage

Elsewhere, one woman went to the extreme of singing a cover of a Bruno Mars song before sending it over to her crush's mother:


He told me I ruined Bruno Mars for him and to never talk to him ever again🥲 i thought I did pretty well🥲7K? followers If you wanna make me feel better 🥹#crush #rejected #brunomars #cover #viral #fyp #abbyjusttalking #foryoupage #blackwomenoftiktok

If anything, the trend has taught others that they're not alone in their high school endeavours to secure their crush. But, judging by the results and comments, they sadly weren't successful in their efforts.

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