The Melissa McCarthy-inspired 'I want something I want' TikTok trend explained

The Melissa McCarthy-inspired 'I want something I want' TikTok trend explained

The Melissa McCarthy 'I want something I want' TikTok trend explained

TikTok/marzale, pollypocket.mp3, and stubbaa

TikTok is the place for dance trends to take off and the newest one everyone is doing appears to be inspired by actor Melissa McCarthy.

The trend involves people acting and dancing to the song Something That I Want by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals from Disney's Tangled film soundtrack.

So where does Melissa McCarthy come into this?

Well, people dancing have been inspired by McCarthy's character in the comedy film Tammy (2014) where she attempts to rob a gas station with a brown bag covering her face and one over her hand to try and make it appear as though she鈥檚 holding a gun.

This particular scene was posted with Something I Want playing simultaneously and the clip soon went viral - where people used McCarthy's actions as part of the trend.


This song has dopamine- #wantsomethingthatiwant #melissmccarthy

It involves looking at the camera while gradually walking backwards, then dancing along to the music - then when the chorus begins they channel Tammy by using their hands to make a gun and look scary while lip-syncing to the line "I want something that I want," before going back to dancing again.

Since this trend began, the hashtag #wantsomethingthatiwant has had over 127.9m views as people share their attempt at the funny dance.

TikToker Han (@pollypocket.mp3) appeared to buck the trend with her video back on December 14 which has received nearly 25m views.



As people have been seeing these videos all over their For You page, they have shared their thoughts in the comment section.

One person said: "This feels like something Melissa McCarthy would post in the BEST way."

"I've seen this trend for the past week and couldn't for the life of me find the original Melissa McCarthy clip. turns out this was it," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "HAHA THIS IS SO FUNNY AND FOR WHAT."

"I keep coming back to this every day to lose it each time," a fourth person commented.

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