Man made to look away at Florence Pugh in Oppenheimer after giving wife 'betrayal trauma'

Man made to look away at Florence Pugh in Oppenheimer after giving wife 'betrayal trauma'
Is Florence Pugh the ultimate style icon? See how she shines in …

A TikToker has left viewers baffled after admitting she made her husband look away from sex scenes in Oppenheimer, justifying it by saying she suffered “betrayal trauma” from discovering he watched porn.

West Virginia native Jourdan Kehr posted a video explaining how she researched the film before going to watch it.

She then said she had a “game plan” with her partner, which involved making him shut his eyes and rest his head on her shoulder during the sex scenes featuring Florence Pugh.

Kehr, 29, explained how she experienced trauma from finding out her husband of nine years watched porn. She also said that her husband was 10 months “sober”.

She responded to a user comment asking for advice for couples “wanting to watch Oppenheimer but being fully afraid of the Florence Pugh scene everyone is talking about”.

Kehr replied in the clip by saying: “Okay so I research everything before we watch it but especially this movie. Obviously I heard about it, yes we wanted to see it, it has an amazing rating.

“We prepared ourselves. I didn't know when the scene was going to happen and I also didn't understand how the scene was happening. I thought it was just several minutes straight of…”

She went on to mouth the word “sex”, before adding: “But it wasn't, it was actually broken up into like it would be a flash of that and then it would be a flash of normal life and then it would be a flash of the scene.

“It was very back and forth so it was really difficult to avoid it.”

Explaining their “game plan”, she said: “So essentially what we did was when the scene came up, when things were happening, he literally closed his eyes and laid his head on my shoulder... Then I would just let him know when it was over.”

The TikTok finished by saying: “I will tell you right now it took nothing away from the story. Him not looking at the screen during did not change the storyline, did not change anything.”

After being questioned by users about their unusual plan, Kehr responded with another video.

She said: “I went through betrayal trauma 10 months ago after nine years of marriage, 10 years of being in a completely monogamous relationship.

“I was fully under the belief that he didn't look at other women, he didn't self pleasure at other women, porn was the furthest thing from my mind.

“I never would have thought or believed that he was using porn but he was and I found out about it on September 17, 2022. That was the hardest day of my life. It was the hardest following weeks and following months of my life.”

“Betrayal trauma has changed me as person inside and out,” she added.

“It put me through a lot of stress. It put me through a lot of pain. It put me through sickness. It put me through depression. Gave me a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety.

“I've come a long way in my healing... I'm still with my husband and I'm so happy and I'm so thankful and I'm so proud to say that he's been sober for 10 months.

“He's been doing all the steps, all the work, everything necessary to not only change, stay sober and reach long-term recovery but to also assure me that he is creating a safe space, he is becoming a trustworthy person and he is showing me the signs that I need by his actions, his behaviours and his patterns that he is going in the right direction.”

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