Insect lover invents device that allows him to 'kiss' bugs

Insect lover invents device that allows him to 'kiss' bugs
Man creates device that allows him to kiss insects

A man has created a kissing device that allows people to get intimate with bugs – but not everyone is convinced by the bizarre invention.

Justin, who is a software developer, designed the product which has gone viral on TikTok with over 15 million views and 2 million likes.

In a clip, the 34-year-old shows how he uses the item, dubbed ‘Bugkiss’, to get to "first base" with insects, such as worms and ants.

The confession has left some social media users feeling queasy, while others said they would definitely smooch a bug, too.

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"The intended method to properly enjoy Bugkiss is to hold the silicone bite piece in your mouth, with the mini lips pointing out in the direction of the bugs," Justin, who is from Florida, US, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

"Then move in slowly for a smooch, gently pressing the mini lips against the bug.

"You should avoid eye contact, as this can be threatening to some insects.

"Note: it helps to ‘chirrup’ softly in your throat as you close in, to let the bug know your intentions are for affection and not for eating them.

"So far, I have used Bugkiss to get to first base with ants, a caterpillar, a dung beetle, a grasshopper, a mosquito, a snail, a spider, a wasp, a woodlouse, and a worm.

"The wasp was scary, but also a thrilling endorphin rush.

"The rest of them were delightful.

“The worm kissed back."

Jam Press/Legboot

Justin was inspired to create the invention after seeing an image circulating online about kissing insects.

He said: "There is an image circulating on the Internet of a window sticker which reads 'I want to kiss every bug, but they are so small and my lips are so strong'.

"I don't know where the phrase originated, but it made me laugh.

"Then it made me think: this is a problem I can solve."

With his thinking cap on, Justin came up with a plan to solve the Internet's bug-kissing problem and he did it by using a kid's toy.

He said: "I had a dollar store baby doll left over from a previous project, so I recycled its lips to make Bugkiss.

"I used air-dry clay, the spring from a retractable ballpoint pen and a silicone baby teether to bring it all together."

With his unique creation born, the software developer took to social media to show it to the world, where it has certainly left some people scratching their heads.

Jam Press/Legboot

Abigail said: "Bro is just casually assaulting the bug kingdom." [sic]

Monica wrote: "But why would u do that?" [sic]

Daria said: "I don’t even wanna kiss humans why would I wanna kiss bugs." [sic]

However, quite a few viewers were also amazed by the intimate design.

Sid said: "Please the way I would absolutely use this."

"This is an unbelievable product," added Gabe.

Caylin said: "Never have I felt so strongly about backing a product."

Ren said: "When I ask my man if he’d still love me if I was a worm this is what I want." [sic].

Justin has been blown away by the response online and is now making plans to sell his product.

He added: "The response has been overwhelming.

"I never knew such a large portion of the populace wanted to French with creepy crawlies.

"I've had so many viewers ask to buy Bugkiss that I've decided to launch it on Kickstarter soon."

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