Woman smashes Lamborghini window during TikTok dance

Woman smashes Lamborghini window during TikTok dance
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A Lamborghini windscreen appeared to crack rather easily after a woman ran up it doing a TikTok dance.

snowbunnyjelly has more than 113k followers and regularly posts videos of herself dancing, effectively beating up nice cars and generally fooling around.

Some of the videos she posts include taking baseball bats to cars such as Lamborghinis, Teslas and BMWs and jumping on them.

There's one that's going viral where she manages to achieve both feats of dancing and damaging a car in the same video.

It has a caption which says: "Well that didn't go as planned."


Well that didn’t go as planned 😭

In the video, the woman runs up the hood of a blue Lamborghini, up its windscreen and onto its roof.

But as she steps onto the windscreen, it cracks and the roof appears to be bending underneath her feet as she dances.

She appears to be shocked when she looks down at the damage caused before carrying on her routine.

At the time of writing, the video has 1.6m views and 38.4k likes.

It's got people talking in the comments too with almost 1k and some saying it 'hurts' seeing an expensive car like that damaged.

Paul Chandler said: The look on her face when she saw it."

James Deh said: "RIP window."

Nick Mueller said: "Have fun paying that."

Potatoth1stVR said:" THE WINDSHIELD NOO."

Romin Ravenhurst said: "Was I the only one half expecting her to go through the roof the way it was bending?"

Willib2005 said: "Expensive vid."

atw said: "Just broke that windshield like nothing."

bozosai said: "This hurts."

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