Only people with a high IQ can solve this maths problem

Only people with a high IQ can solve this maths problem
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There various different tests and questions based on using our problem solving skills that can indicate whether you have a high IQ or not.

Now, a new maths problem has gone viral where it claims "only people with high IQ" can figure out the answer.

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In a video posted by @selfdevelopment71 that now has over 1.2 million views, it sets out what numbers one through to five equal:

  • 1=3,
  • 2=3,
  • 3=4,
  • 4=4,
  • 5= 4,

The aim of this puzzle is for viewers to figure out the pattern and answer what the number six would be equal to.


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With over four thousands comments, viewers shared their guesses as to what the pattern could be.

If you're still thinking of the answer - *avoid scrolling now as the answer is coming up!*

So bascially, the answer is that six equals three (6=3) because there are three letters is the word "six."

The same goes for all the other previous number, where the number corresponds to how many letters there are when the number is spelt out.

  • 1(ONE) has three letter spelling 1=3.
  • 2(TWO) is the same as it is =3,
  • 3(THREE) =5
  • 4(FOUR)=4
  • 5(FIVE)=4
  • And so 6(SIX)=3
There you have it.

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