How to do the Taylor Swift mathematically ranking album trend

How to do the Taylor Swift mathematically ranking album trend
Taylor Swift's piano plays itself due to malfunction on Eras tour

It feels like Taylor Swift is everywhere at the moment.

Every day there is a new story from one of her sell-out Eras tour concerts or a new fan theory about what her next release will be. Then there is all the news about her supposed new boyfriend Matty Healy of The 1975.

With all this in mind it's easy to forget that Taylor Swift is one of the biggest and most talented musicians of the last 20 years and she has a plethora of songs in her back catalog.

This is why a new TikTok trend has emerged around Swift's 10 albums to date and oddly involves maths.

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The trend is simple but you might need a calculator to take part in it. All you need to do is rate each song on all of Swift's 10 albums out of 10 (it's up to you which versions of the albums you want to rank).

Once you have done that add up the scores for each song and then divide it by the amount of songs on the record and it will give you the average score for that album.


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The results are mystifying some Taylor Swift fans who are discovering that their favourite Swift album was not what they originally thought it was.


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In essence, you can pretty much do this with any artist and their discography. On that note we're off to find out which Slipknot album is our favourite.

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