Megan Fox bizarrely blamed for 'bottom teeth talker' trend

Megan Fox bizarrely blamed for 'bottom teeth talker' trend
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Have you ever thought about the way you talk?

People on TikTok have been establishing whether they are "top teeth talker" or "bottom teeth talker" as part of a new trend, inspired by actor Megan Fox.

The Transformers actor tends to show her bottom teeth when talking, while she also talks through her teeth, along with bobbing her head, and having her mouth slight open, these characteristic have been shared in videos on how to speak like her.

But it's the bottom teeth element that has gone viral as TikTokers have been lip syncing to the trending song "Hideaway" by Dayna to figure out if they talk with their top or bottom teeth showing.

"Apparently Megan Fox would lip sync this with her bottom teeth, guess I'm not Megan Fox," @cjsbikinis said in a video participating in the trend.


didnt realize people talk with their bottom teeth #meganfox #fyp #teeth

While TikToker Max Belegde posted a video of himself mouthing the lyrics and said: "I was convinced I was going to bee a top tooth speak I'm mortified."


Please dont contact me

The trend has prompted viewers to sharing their thoughts on top and bottom teeth talking.

One person said: "Please someone help me understand, only your bottom jaw can move so what is a top teeth talker ???"

"I’m a bottom teeth talker and I don’t understand top teeth talkers how do u do it?" another person wrote.

Someone else added: "and which type is more "preferable"? i dont get it, I see videos of people being upset about being a top teeth speaker and people being upset about being a bottom teeth speaker. i am CONFUSED?!?"

"Nobody notices things like that but people only are top tooth speakers when they’re smiling/ slightly smiling," a fourth person commented.

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