How the moon phase calculator can help you find your 'soulmate'

How the moon phase calculator can help you find your 'soulmate'
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A moon phase is what the moon looked like when you were born - and now people are using a moon phase calculator to search for their "soulmate."

Last year, moon phases began trending on TikTok as people figured out how much of the moon appeared in the sky on their birthday which is claimed by some to represent our personality and mood.

Currently, people are using this information to discover if their significant other's moon phase matches up with theirs.

People on social media are now claiming that if the moon phases join up to make the perfect circle, then it's believed you have found your soulmate.

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However, the trend is solely for entertainment purposes so the result may not be accurate - as some have expressed this when trying the trend out for themselves.

People have shared their results on TikTok that have varied from getting the perfect circle, to not quite matching up, leading to some questioning the trend.


my other half 🖤🤍 #CapCut #moonsoulmates #moon

One person wrote: "A moon doesn't have nothing to do with that being your soulmate."

"Sad our moons don't match but I'm still giving this healthy relationship a shot," another person said.

"Okay no disrespect but how you going to determine your soulmate over two moons," a third replied.

"Ours fit perfectly together and it makes me so happy," a fourth person commented."

Someone else added: "I was born on a new moon and my bf was born on a full moon :)"

Here is how to try the trend out for yourself:

  • Visit a website that can provide you an image of your moon phase and your significant others - e.g. https://www.yourmoonphase.com/
  • Enter the yours and your partners birthday's to get your moon phases.
  • Save the images of the two moon phases, and then open the TikTok app
  • Find a video from the trend and select the CapCut template linked at the bottom of the video.
  • Then select the two images of the different moon phases.
  • Label the moon phases with the you and your partner's name and date of birth.

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