Husband, wife and daughter all share the same birthday

Husband, wife and daughter all share the same birthday
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Birthdays are always important to celebrate, but December 18 is a particularly special day for one family in Huntsville, Alabama.

It just so happens that married couple Carrie and Dylan Scott share the same birthday and the pair welcomed their first child this week, and there are no guesses needed to know the date their baby girl arrived on... December 18 at 12:30am.

(So a Sagittarius strong household, if you believe in astrology.)

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That's right, little Lennon Scott also has the same birthday as her parents - so the family are in a rare club as this is a one in 133,000 chance, according to Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children.

The hospital congratulated the couple and share the astonishing stat in a Facebook post, sharing an adorable photo of the new family of three.

It seems that December 18 is a fairly common birthday - the 56th most common in fact - according to data journalist Matt Stiles who collected the average daily births each day from 1994 to 2014.

The Office of National Statistics in the UK, also looked at average daily births in England and Wales from 1995 to 2014 and ranked December 18th in 72nd.

Similarly, both Stiles's research and the ONS showed January 1 and December 25 were the most uncommon birthdays while September was the most common birth month.

The Scott family also shares the same birthday with some famous celebrities including Brad Pitt, Billie Eilish, Steven Spielberg, and Christina Aguilera.

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