Thirsty passenger lets ice melt to avoid paying for water on plane

Thirsty passenger lets ice melt to avoid paying for water on plane
Business class plane passenger refuses to give up his seat so a …
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Planes are pricey and often filled with disappointment, especially when it comes to food and beverages. But now, one TikTok user has come up with an innovative plan to avoid paying extortionate prices for water during a flight.

In a viral clip that's racked up almost half a million views, TikTok user @rachealxk explained how she "was thirsty but I didn’t want to pay €3.00 for water."

The recording shows the passenger with a cup of ice that she let melt before drinking.

"No cause why does water have to be so expensive," she continued in the caption.

It didn't take long for fellow TikTokers to flood the comments praising her little-known hack.

"Surely having to pay for a cup of water on any flight should be illegal or a health risk," one person suggested.

Another commented on the lengthy process, highlighting the colder temperatures on a flight: "The way it would take longer to melt because it’s always so cold on a plane."

Meanwhile, one person claimed they do the same thing on a night out. "I did this in the club when they tried charging me for tap water because lol," they wrote.

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No cause why does water have to be so expensive😭 #fyp #holiday #ryanair #travel #europe

It comes after one flight attendant lifted the lid on what really happens to the body during a long-haul flight.

Speaking to AU News, in-flight services manager for Air New Zealand, Ben Whatman, urged passengers to stay hydrated.

"During a long-haul flight, the key thing is to feel comfortable and safe, especially when you’re wanting to get that much-needed shut-eye in an over 10-hour flight," he said.

"Due to the recirculated air on a plane, your throat, nose and skin will tend to get dry."

He went on to explain that people could, in fact, "lose up to 1.5 to 2 litres of water in a 10-hour flight."

As stated by the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), passengers should limit alcohol, tea, coffee and caffeine while flying as it could cause people to "lose fluids."

They also advise people to drink a cup of water during flights.

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