Here's what happens to your body while you're on a flight

Here's what happens to your body while you're on a flight
Rules of in-flight etiquette

Long-haul flights can leave people lethargic, restless and bored with flyers trying to pass the time with their limited resources.

Well now, one flight attendant has lifted the lid on what happens internally, which may surprise you.

Speaking to AU News, in-flight services manager for Air New Zealand, Ben Whatman, urged passengers to stay hydrated.

"During a long-haul flight, the key thing is to feel comfortable and safe, especially when you’re wanting to get that much-needed shut-eye in an over 10-hour flight," he said.

"Due to the recirculated air on a plane, your throat, nose and skin will tend to get dry."

He went on to explain that people could, in fact, "lose up to 1.5 to 2 litres of water in a 10-hour flight."

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As stated by the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), passengers should limit alcohol, tea, coffee and caffeine while flying as it could cause people to "lose fluids."

They also advise people to drink a cup of water during flights.

"Humidity in the cabin is usually low: in the range of 20 per cent," it reads. "There is no specific risk to your health, but low humidity can cause mild discomfort, particularly dry skin and eye irritation for sensitive people."

It comes after a flight attendant on TikTok finally revealed what each chime means on a flight.

"If you hear just one tone, that means that a passenger is calling one of the flight attendants from their seat, or they could be calling us from the lavatory," he explained.

Two chimes, also known as a "hi/low", means a crew member is trying to get ahold of a fellow employee.

Meanwhile, three chimes could be a cause for concern, but Tommy reassured viewers, "you never have to hear that."

"If you hear three of those high-low chimes, that means it’s an emergency," Tommy added.

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