TikTok worried about Queen Cheryl and Quran McCain's relationship after tearful video

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TikTok users have raised concerns for one of the platform's biggest stars Queen Cheryl after her partner Quran McCain posted a tearful video.

Cheryl and Quran have been two of the most popular people on TikTok for a number of years as fans have been left fascinated by the relationship between the pair given the huge age gap between them.

The couple aged 61 and 24 respectively have more than 3 million followers on TikTok alone with followers adoring their genuine and affectionate relationship.

However, their fans have now been left worried about the pair's relationship after Quran appeared to be inconsolable in a video that he posted on Friday 31st March.

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Although Quran doesn't say anything in the video he is clearly upset. The caption for the video reads as: "When you want a love child but everyone takes advantage of you b/c they think you are rich...Its the exact opposite I don't even get paid for TikTok no more just need a genuine surrogate."

Considering the caption appears to be about the lack of money that Quran is receiving from TikTok people immediately began asking him about Cheryl's well-being or the future of their relationship.


When you want a love child but, everyone takes advantage of you b/c they think you’re Rich … Its the exact opposite i dont even get paid for tiktok no more just need a genuine surrogate 🥺

One person asked: "why are you crying?"

Another said: "did they break up"

A third added: "are they still together?”

As far as we can tell the couple is still together and there is no sign that they have broken or that one of them has fallen ill.

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