Restaurant accidentally packs phone into customer’s order

Man is tossing huge pizza dough in the middle of Crazy Pizza …

That’ll be two burritos, one side of rice and beans, a fajita, and… a phone.

A customer who received an order from Neri’s Cafe and Mexican Grill in Clayton, New Jersey, received an unlikely addition to their takeout order.

The restaurant’s only phone.

In a now-viral TikTok video posted by Neri’s Cafe, viewers can see an employee accidentally packing a cordless phone into a bag while multitasking.

“POV: my coworkers watching me bag or only phone during the busy rush,” Neri’s Cafe wrote.

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Surveillance footage of the restaurant shows the employee rushing the phone into the bag, completely unaware of what was about to transpire.

“She made it the customer’s responsibility now,” one commenter joked.

“Wow, it got a lot slower! I haven’t heard the phone ring in a few hours,” another commenter joked.

Neri’s Cafe responded to the comment by saying, “this was exactly our feeling!”

In the comments, the restaurant said they managed to get the phone from the customer’s home later on. But the customer was, rightfully, very confused.


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Neri’s Cafe and Mexican Grill owner, Danielle, spoke to Daily Dot and explained that losing their only phone meant the restaurant could not answer any phone calls until they retrieved it.

After checking trash cans to see if Danielle had accidentally thrown it away, she and her husband deduced she may have bagged the phone with an order.

Upon reviewing their security footage, they discovered that was exactly what happened.

Luckily, the customer had no intention of holding onto the phone so the cafe was able to retrieve it from the customer’s home.

Danielle decided to post the footage, thinking it would make for a funny TikTok, and she was right.

With over six million views and 400k likes, people found the incident very funny.

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