Retail worker catches customer returning clothes they wore over the weekend

Retail worker catches customer returning clothes they wore over the weekend

A luxury retail assistant has exposed a customer as a "serial returner" after continuously wearing and returning the clothes.

In a viral clip posted to TikTok, Ben (@benblue01) started by explaining he and the team worked on commission. Essentially, every sale that went through the till earned staff members extra money – however, when items were returned, the commission got docked.

Week-on-week, the customer would come into the Prada store, purchase expensive items and come in on Monday for a refund. The continuous cycle caused suspicions among the team, which led Ben to look up her sales history on the system to discover what was going on.

Ben disclaimed that while he was not supposed to do this, he searched her Instagram handle and found photos of the woman attending events in the clothes that she later refunded.

His manager suggested adding a note to her file so staff members stopped selling to her.

Ben eventually went on to work at a different store "years later" – and the very same thing happened.

"This lady comes into the new store, and I’m putting a sale through for her, and then boom, this note pops up," he said. He put the sale through to see what happened, and inevitably, she returned on the Monday.

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Ben's clip has since racked up almost a million views and hundreds more comments from people who were not offended by the customer's actions – but the lenient store policies.

"I think the main thing that sucks is that you guys lose commission if they return for whatever reason," one said.

"Don’t blame her at all," another added. "Blame the company for not paying normal wages."

Meanwhile, a third person chimed in with their own experience, writing: "I used to sell wedding jewellery and people would do this all the time. Spend $500 on jewellery and return after they wore for wedding."

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