Professor roasted by Gen Z for 'wild take' on how long to spend at home each day

Professor roasted by Gen Z for 'wild take' on how long to spend at home each day
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Gen Z has labelled one man's advice a "wild take" after saying younger generations should "never be at home" if they want to be successful.

During the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit, New York University Professor Scott Galloway, 58, offered his candid advice. And well, Gen Z didn't take to it lightly.

"You should never be at home. That is what I tell young people," he said, before suggesting that home is exclusive for "seven hours of sleep."

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“The amount of time you spend at home is inversely correlated to your success professionally and romantically.

“You need to be out of the house.”

The clip was soon shared on TikTok, where it was inundated with reality checks from Gen Z.

"One of my measures of success is how long I can stay in my home without talking or meeting with other people," one person joked, while another hit back about the cost of living: "Nah bro I'm paying 2,100 a month. IM GOING TO MAKE USE OR THIS HOME."

"I found my people in this comment section. Carry on. lol," a third joked.

Many more commented on how "expensive" it is to be outside.


“If you're not working, you should be with friends, trying to find a mate or working out,” said Scott Galloway, NYU marketing professor and host of The Prof G Pod podcast, at the #WSJCEOCouncil Summit on Wednesday. To be successful, he said, it takes 110%. #scottgalloway #success #howtobesuccessful #careeradvice #jobs #worklifebalance #hustleculture #dating #wsj #thewallstreetjournal #wsj

During his chat, he also mentioned that a work-life balance doesn't exist if people wanted to to be in the "top 10 per cent."

"You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once," he suggested.

"While we all know that guy or gal who has a great relationship with their parents, is in amazing shape, has a food blog, donates time at [animal welfare group] the ASPCA and is a DJ on the weekends, assume you are not that person.

"If you expect to be in the top 10 per cent economically, much less the top 1 per cent, buck up. Two decades plus of nothing but work. That’s my experience."

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