Millionaire’s wife faces backlash for claiming women shouldn’t date ‘broke’ men

Millionaire’s wife faces backlash for claiming women shouldn’t date ‘broke’ men
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The wife of a Dubai based millionaire has riled people up for suggesting women shouldn't date 'broke' men.

Posting on TikTok, Sofia Kralow, who regularly shares social media updates about her lavish lifestyle, wound people up with her unsolicited dating advice.

"Your daily reminder to never date broke men," she said alongside clips of stacks of cash, an Yves Saint Laurent bag, and a new Lamborghini.

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"Where is the connection between never dating a broke man and being dependent on a rich man or any man?" Sofia asked in a follow up clip.

"If you're dating a rich man, you can also be rich by yourself."

Reacting to her video, people criticised her message.


"So we’re going back 100 years to being dependent on a man’s salary again?" one wrote. "Great message."

Another said: "Money is not everything and it buys temporary happiness."

A third wrote: "I’ve also met couples who have all the money in the world and are so miserable in their relationship."

But some people agreed with her.

One joked: "Where can we get those men?"

"Love to see it," another said.

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