The 'sometimes all you need is your dad' trend has TikTok in hysterics

The 'sometimes all you need is your dad' trend has TikTok in hysterics
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Since TikTok made it possible to create photo slideshows, there have been some entertaining trends as a result such as the recent "sometimes all you need is your dad" trend.

People have been sharing hilarious text messages they've received from their dad, family member or best friend, putting them on blast.

To begin with, the slideshow starts with a tweet and in the case of sharing a father's messages, the tweet from that reads: "Sometimes all you need is your dad."

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Often dads are pretty blunt and to the point with their texts, as @labarbiecolombiana's TikTok (2.5m views) proved when she shared a screenshot of a message from her dad who simply wrote "Ok."

While a similar TikTok from @mkk_frosty (5.3m views) had a slideshow which showed her dad responding just with a thumbs up emoji, as she asked in her caption: "Honestly do dads use any other emoji?"

As the slideshows play, the popular TikTok song "Here With Me" by d4vd can be heard.

Dad's communicate with little words as this trend proves TikTok/labarbiecolombiana and mkk_frosty

But it's not just texts from dads that are being shared as the trend has also expanded to sharing messages from other family members and best pals.

Here are some more example of our favourite ones from the trend:

Sometimes all you need is... your best friend

We can all agree some text messages between our best pals can be hilarious - as this trend demonstrates.

In one video (3.3m views) from @carol.ahem, she proved that some besties share everything after sharing a text from her friend that read: "I'm fighting for my life on this toilet."

While another TikTok (4.7m views) noted how BFFs always have each others backs when it comes to a good old fashioned Insta stalk, as @maddymaddyp posted a text from her friend who requested: "Go follow this girl on Instagram and show me her pics."

Best friends are proving why they are best friends TikTok/@carol.ahem and @maddymaddyp

Sometimes all you need is... your sister

Others have been using this opportunity to share the kind of text messages they get from their siblings.

In @rachelprivott's case, she revealed the texts she received from her sister asking for the login details on different streaming services such as HBO, Disney+ and Hulu.

"When you're the older sister and pay for most of the subscriptions," the TikToker wrote, for the slideshow that now has 2.1m views.

Siblings are sharing their messages as part of the trend TikTok/@rachelprivott

To see the different slideshows from the trend, you can use the TikTok mobile app as the desktop version doesn't current show the slideshows.

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