Family find secret $46,000 fortune hidden in their attic

Family find secret $46,000 fortune hidden in their attic

A metal detectorist and treasure hunter has helped a family find their grandad’s lost fortune after discovering a box containing over $30,000 hidden under their floorboards.

After “years of failed attempts” by the family to find the money, Keith Willie was hired to find a box believed to have been hidden “a long, long time ago.”

Time was of the essence as the family had wanted to sell the house but didn’t want to leave the rumoured treasure behind.

What’s more impressive is that while the family have spent two years looking for the hidden box, Keith was able to find it in just over an hour.

Keith describes how “most of the hints and clues we had turned out not to be true” so began looking for “small things that are slightly out of place.”

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On his YouTube channel RediscoverLost, Keith then spots a the top of a metal box under the floorboard using a small camera. He notes how there are “pry marks from years past” where the floorboard has been removed before.

When the box was removed, Keith cracked it open using a hammer and discovered “a total of $46,000 (£33,000) in bills from the 1930s and 50s, some of which were silver certificates, potentially worth significantly more than face value”.

He handed the box over to the family that contained stacks of pristine notes in bundles of $5,000.

Keith, who has been helping people recover lost items for a decade, said: “I would consider this cash box my most exciting find to date.”

Many people were also impressed with Keith’s discovery:

One person wrote: “WOW if they had invested this money in the 1930’s and 50’s - this family may have been set for generations! 🤭💯 Awesome find!”

“Holy cow!!! What a find....” a second person commented.

Another person said: “This is soooo crazy!!!!”

The treasure hunter had some advice for his viewers: “DO NOT disregard these rumors of hidden loot!”

Don’t about you but we’re definitely going to search our attic floorboards now - you, know just in case.

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