Student on $50k salary 'cries every day' after being left with $10 each month

Student on $50k salary 'cries every day' after being left with $10 each month
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A student has sparked a discussion about the cost of living crisis after being left with $10 a month from his $50,000 salary.

Taking to TikTok, the man stitched a clip by Blaire Allison that raised the question of how people are affording life right now.

In response, the student shared notes on his current outgoings including his rent, utilities, car payments, electricity, and pet insurance among other essential payments. He claimed they totalled $2,100, leaving him with $300 for groceries, gas and pet supplies.

After that, he is left with $10 to himself.

"I don’t really understand how all these boomers and these older people are telling you, 'Just budget better, just do this, this and this,'" he shared. "I’m like, 'This is already my bare minimum budget.'"

He went on to suggest that he isn't "buying coffee every day," or doing all of the things people are telling the younger generation to stop doing to save money.

"I want to buy a house in the future," he told viewers. "But how the hell am I going to do that if I have $10 at the end of each month?"


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The comments were soon flooded with fellow TikTokers in the same boat, with one user saying the video brought them comfort "knowing [they're] not alone".

"Dude.. my car payment is just under $800/month.. mortgage $2,000.. my husband makes $100k and we’re poor," one TikToker added, while another added: "The 'just budget better' comment DRIVES ME INSANE."

One said: "After bills, skimpy groceries and gas we have nothing. Surviving on credit and hoping our tax refund will put a dent in our debt."

Meanwhile, one TikTok user based outside of America wrote: "So everyone in the US is struggling as well."

The situation has gotten so dire in parts of the world that people are sleeping in stranger's beds to scrape back on rent.

"I am so stressed all the time, and very anxious," one young person told SBS. "To not have even a peaceful place to lay my head and relax while I study feels terrible."

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