Teacher breaks down in tears after filming students unbraiding his hair

Teacher breaks down in tears after filming students unbraiding his hair

A teacher was left in tears after being fired amid video of students helping him take his braids out.

Sharing aspects of our work life with millions of TikTok users is a risky thing to do, with people in the past having been fired for being a bit too honest about their secret Santa gift on the platform and for being generally “unprofessional”.

TikTok teacher JaQ Lee is the latest to feel the repercussions after he was allegedly fired for sharing videos from his classroom.

In one viral clip viewed over 7 million times, Lee could be seen sitting in his chair while several children believed to be his students took his braids out of his hair.

Lee said: “I had a hair appointment immediately after school and needed my hair taken out beforehand,” continuing, “Naturally, I asked four or five of over 100 best friends to assist me.”


Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Teaching is a work of heart. Comment your thoughts #teacher #teachersoftiktok #teacherproblems #millenialsoftiktok #middleschool

The clip went viral on X/Twitter, racking up several million views and sparking a debate.

Some saw the act as entirely harmless, while others suggested it was inappropriate to have his students do his hair.

Someone argued: “I don’t care if he’s a cool or a good teacher. None of this is okay. It is all inappropriate.

“I hate that we have a generation of teachers that doesn’t understand decorum, professionalism and boundaries.”

Another suggested: “How about teachers just stop using their students to create content. They are minors. You’re at work. If they have time to take down your hair, surely that time can be used on something else.”

“The best (and often fav teachers) are the ones who can connect with their students in and outside of academics. As the son of an educator, believe me, teachers who care, see their students as their kids. 8 hours a day for 180+ days out the year. This isn’t weird, you adults are,” someone else said.

Reports suggest the teacher was sacked after the backlash caused by the video, however, others believe it may have been down to additional content on his page, including videos suggesting he was checking out some of the mothers in a sexual way.

Following his firing, Lee posted a tear-filled video in which he read out messages he allegedly received from his former students.

“‘Hey bestie, I really hope that you see this message,’” Lee said while getting choked up. “‘I hope that you’re okay. My class missed you so much. We want you to know that we love you and we miss you… I want you to know the class and others got your back.’”

In the comments, someone wrote; “As educators we all have an experience that reminds us the importance of boundaries. Use this experience as a way to grow and develop as an educator. Best of luck to you.”

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