TikTok in awe of 'caring' teacher who supplies toiletries and essentials for pupils

TikTok in awe of 'caring' teacher who supplies toiletries and essentials for pupils
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A teacher has been widely praised on TikTok for providing pupils with toiletries and other essentials.

In the viral clip, Yennifer Castillo (@queenyennifer_) shared an innovative idea with 2.5 million viewers.

Each drawer is labelled and contains items dedicated to that area, with a notice that reads: "Take only what you need and be considerate of each other. You may bring in donated items for extra credit. Remember, you are so loved."

Yennifer restocks the draw with sanitary pads, chapsticks, bobby pins, pencils, erasers and face masks, for her students to help themselves to.

As she opens the first drawer, labelled 'personal care', she says: "I start with my pads, and I have my unisex deodorant for both boys and girls, and lotion that is unscented for those as well."

Yennifer continued: "I also have tissues because I prefer them to use this over hard napkins and paper towels, and I wanted to get some hand warmers, but I just haven't found any in dollar tree, and I have to just order some bulk.

"And I also need individual hand sanitisers, so I gotta get more of those."

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Getting my “Take What You Need Bin” ready for the cold/flu season! #takewhatyouneed #fluseason #teacher

Inevitably, the wholesome concept attracted hundreds of TikTokers to the comments, with praise for the passionate teacher. One wrote: "I love this, you hella care and you are exactly who our kids need."

Another added: "Omg, the pads. Even our school nurse didn't have them. so jelly. I wish you were my teacher."

"My parents would never buy pencils for me in school," a third shared. "I have so much trauma about figuring out where I'd get one. Good teacher.

Others were eager to help out, with floods of comments asking Yennifer whether she had an Amazon wishlist to contribute to.

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