TikToker raises eyebrows after eating '100 litres' of strawberries

TikToker raises eyebrows after eating '100 litres' of strawberries

TikToker raises eyebrows after eating '100 litres' of strawberries


TikTok is full of different trends and challenges, but one creator has gone viral for consuming "100 litres" of strawberries.

In the video, Wally (@wallywhatthe) can be seen emptying a final box of strawberries into the enormous fish tank container and tucking into his first one.

There is then a time lapse showing the TikToker eating every single strawberry which takes 12 hours to complete, according to the clip which notifies every two hours that pass.

By the end, Wally understandably looked exhausted as he leaned over the container.

Since sharing his impressive strawberry eating, the video has gone viral on TikTok with over 222.5m views, as people shared their thoughts in the comments, from similarly expressing their love to strawberries to questioning whether Wally actually ate all of the strawberries within the time frame he said.

One person said: "If 12 hours have passed, why hasn't the light intensity changed?"

"Me the day on the best before date," another person joked.

A third person added: "Why is no one talking about how he’s eating the leafs casually."

"Strawberry is acidic, imagine his stomach," a fourth person commented.

Someone else posted: "100L of strawberries… let’s do some math. Well since they are basically water, we can assume that’s 100L of water. 1L is 1kg so 100L is 100kg. That’s 220lbs. You’re telling me he ate MORE THAN HIS BODYWEIGHT in strawberries?!!? There’s just no way that’s possible, not even 1/4 of that."

It's not Wally's first food challenge as he's previously posted videos eating other foods in large quantities from the container such as popcorn, cheeseballs, marshmallows, and french fries.

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