How to do the 2022 TikTok bingo card trend

How to do the 2022 TikTok bingo card trend
Animal Rebellion member plays ‘Piers Morgan bingo’ on Talk TV show

As 2022 comes to an end, people on TikTok are looking back at their year and remembering all the things they accomplished by creating a bingo card.

Bingo cards are nothing new to TikTok or the internet, people often create bingo card templates to guess what world events or pop culture moments will happen.

But unlike past bingo card trends, this one asks people to fill in a template based on their own life.

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TikTok user ixlogo.official created the 2022 bingo card template with tiles like "made a really bad decision", "dyed your hair", "discovered a new hobby," and more.

In a video, the TikToker encouraged others to fill out the bingo card template and gave users several other templates to use.


2022 bingo card !💖 since everyone is searching for this, so why not save the original👀✨ (you can also check out the post on my official instagram : ixlogo) **ps, i've seen so many of you just cropped out my credit, i do not appreciate that, please don'tttt:) thanks! #2022 #2022bingo #2022bingocard

To fill out your own bingo card, go to the TikTok above, hold down the video and hit 'clear mode' then screenshot the bingo card and use the markup tool in iMessage, Snapchat draw feature, or Instagram draw feature to fill out the squares.

Clear mode allows users to watch a TikTok video without the buttons or captions to make it easier to see the full video.

Some TikTok users posted their filled-out 2022 bingo card to share with other users they did this year.

Other people shared different templates with different tiles to spice up the 2022 bingo cards so if you find that the one above doesn't work for you, there are plenty of others to choose from.

And if you're looking for bingo to complete in 2023 you can make a bingo card of predictions for the year and cross them out as they happen.


Reply to @leebeaux another update of the full board #2022 #2022bingocard #2022bingo #howitsgoing #FrunktheBeat #katespadenycabana #TopGunMode #appalachia #appalachian

Wishing you all the "bingos" in the new year.

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