Why are TikTok comments not showing?

Why are TikTok comments not showing?
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TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms among young internet users and here’s what to do if comments stop showing up on videos.

The Chinese-owned platform launched in 2016 and exploded in popularity in part due to the coronavirus pandemic where various viral TikTok dances emerged during lockdown.

Surveys suggest more people are consuming news via TikTok and the site has become a place for people to debate topics and share hilarious jokes in the comments sections.

But if you are one of the many users who have been experiencing issues with TikTok comments not showing up, here’s what to do.

Why are TikTok comments not showing?

Technical glitch

The problem could be due to a technical glitch, which can happen from time to time with any platform. In this situation, it is best to close the app and reopen it. You could also restart your device.

TikTok recommends that users clear their app cache to troubleshoot bugs, including issues with comments not showing.

Additionally, if you suspect a problem with the app itself, users can file a report under “Report a problem” which can be found in the the Support section of Settings and Privacy.

Violating terms

Another reason comments may not appear is when they breech the platforms guidelines. Under the community guidelines, TikTok can remove comments and content that contains hate speech, harassment, or explicit language.


In an online world that is seemingly filled with bots, platforms are trying to combat this by banning accounts that appear to “spam” comments across several videos.

Behaviour such as posting identical or repetitive comments on a number of videos in a short space of time can lead to a shadow ban on TikTok, as the algorithm may believe your profile is spam.

To avoid this occurring, don’t engage in such behaviour and be sure that your comments are related to the content you are leaving them on.

Restrictions on videos

Sometimes content creators may remove the ability for other users to leave comments on videos. This is usually done for a specific reason, for example, the content is controversial and they want to avoid a pile-on.

The choice to disable comments is down to the video creator and should be respected by viewers.

Internet connection problems

Another reason comments may not be showing could be due to connectivity problems. For an unstable connection, comments may take longer to load and therefore appear as though they are not showing at all.

Users may also want to check that their device is not running on a “Low Data” or “Data Saver” mode, in network or mobile data settings.

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