Why have so many people transformed their cars into TikTok studios?

Why have so many people transformed their cars into TikTok studios?
TikTok Becomes Showcase for Company Perks

In recent years, content creatures have ventured beyond their dedicated home studios to... recording in their cars. Yep, you heard that right – and chances are, you would've come across many along the way.

While it might feel relevant for car experts or 'gearheads' to offer candid takes in such a setting, there appears to be an unspoken shift from homes-to-car filming for social media influencers. But, why?

The phenomenon certainly isn't new with YouTube first bringing the 'vlog' to life in the early 2000s.

Even TV shows have witnessed the strange allure around 'car creating', with James Corden and his incredibly popular Carpool Karaoke, where he picks up and tows celebrities across Los Angeles.

One viral segment with Adele has amassed an outstanding 258 million views, shortly followed by his collaboration with One Direction receiving 193 million.

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The filming mode has become even more prominent with the rise of TikTok.

The platform has undeniably catapulted to the top of the social media world. Endless Covid lockdowns helped make what was once described as a "dancing app" immensely popular amongst all ages.

Pranks amongst couples, fast-food reviews, or just general vlogging – it only takes a few scrolls through your FYP to come across content set in a car.

Many content creators have suggested the studio switch-up is down to several factors.

One TikTok influencer revealed she "just doesn't really like videoing in public" and the requirement of having good-quality lighting for her viral clips.

Sydney Springman (@sydneyspringman), who has amassed almost 400,000 followers on the platform, explained how she "thinks it's really awkward and she gets "camera shy".

"I don't like the people to watch me just talk to my phone or whatever," she added before suggesting that the lack of light in her home also contributed to her car setup.

"I always end up filming in my car because the lighting is good, and people can't hear me talking to my phone," she continued.


Replying to @johnrusso982 Why I film in my car a lot 😂🤍

Meanwhile, others have highlighted their concern for safety when filming inside the home, and instead, opt for the outside to protect their privacy.

After all, the home may display family photographs, private documents or give away the location entirely – and given the notable rise with influencer robberies, there's no surprise people are taking their content outside.


His face 😂😂😂 #trending #carprank #funnyvideoscomedy

His face 😂😂😂 #trending #carprank #funnyvideoscomedy

Some have also suggested it creates a sense of comfort and familiarity – especially for parenting or couples vloggers. Vlogs created in cars appears to create automatic familiarity and trust, especially when addressing important conversations or personal topics.

It allows a focus on the words over the images and aesthetics – which works especially well with comedic clips.

YouTube may have birthed the concept, which is still thriving across the platform, but luckily for car-content fanatics, TikTokers have since taken the baton and gave it a new lease of life.

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