Teenage TikTok star Flo disappears from platform after 'boasting' about Lamborghini

Teenage TikTok star Flo disappears from platform after 'boasting' about Lamborghini

Fans have been left shocked after TikTok teenager Flo appeared to have disappeared from the platform after boasting about buying a Lamborghini.

The account of the influencer Flo (@secretfloflo) seems to have been banned from TikTok after a controversial video landed her at the centre of a debate about wealth and privilege.

Flo is believed to be one of the wealthiest teenagers on TikTok and the drama unfolded when she began telling fans she was going to buy a Lamborghini Urus as her first car.

In a video with the text overlay reading, “Grwm (get ready with me) to buy a lambo” she did her morning skincare routine while casually talking about going to Manhattan to buy her “first car”.

With these types of vehicles going for a starting price of around $230,000 (£184,000), it's safe to say her videos began to raise some eyebrows.


My first car was actually my older brother’s used bicycle 😭 #lambo #lamborgini #lamborghiniurus #flo

She then broke the “worst news of my life” by telling viewers that the specific car she wanted to buy had been sold.

Flo then really rubbed people up the wrong way by saying: “I don’t know what’s so hard to believe about getting a Lambo. Like, they’re not even that expensive.”

Right when Flo was about to reveal her car as people began to question if she was making it all up, her account appeared to be “banned” or removed from TikTok.

Some people have speculated that backlash against her videos may have led to people mass reporting her which could have caused her account to be blocked.

Her account and videos remain blocked at the time of writing.

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