TikTokers are using 'glitter' to catch their cheating partners

TikTokers are using 'glitter' to catch their cheating partners
Here Are 4 Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating
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Suspicious people online are turning to a very unique tactic to try and catch cheating partners, and it involves glitter.

In a viral TikTok clip posted by Chrissy (@chrissy.j.xx), she explains how placing glitter inside the passenger seat mirror can expose a partner's affair.

Their idea is, if the glitter is no longer there, the man is potentially chauffering around another woman in their car – which of course, is not entirely true and quite far-fetched.

Fellow TikTokers took to the comments, with one writing: "How the f*** does that prove anything, like no one else can't use that mirror just girls only? Big brain".

Another added: "Or…. You could just leave?!"


we all know a girl will look in that mirror at some point 😏 glitter doesnt lie✨️ NOT BASED ON A TRUE STORY #relatable #relationships #hack #glittergirl

Speaking of cheating, one study has lifted the lid on the most unfaithful towns in the UK with Guildford, Surrey coming out on top.

The research suggested the surge in affairs is a result of the cost of living crisis, making it financially difficult for unhappy couples to divorce.

Coming in at a close second was Borehamwood in Hertfordshire, with just under five per cent admitting to adultery.

Cambuslang in South Lanarkshire came in third place with 1,064 cheats.

The month of September is also said to have the highest amount of affairs, according to the discreet dating website, Illicit Encounters.

"Affairs always traditionally peaked in January but, while New Year cheating is still really high, autumn is now the peak time for adultery," Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert said.

"Lots of us get sick of a partner after two weeks away in the sun, and we return to work determined to have some fun with someone new.

"The pandemic has made more of us live for the moment and shake up our lives if things are not working."

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