TikToker accidentally ousts himself after showing how he makes 'endless money'

TikToker accidentally ousts himself after showing how he makes 'endless money'

A TikToker has been accused of being a “scammer” after revealing exactly how he fraudulently makes money from banks.

Showing off his $100,000 dollar watch, a TikToker using the account name @greenthumbgotbands revealed how he buys expensive things with “leverage” from business credit accounts.

Self-described “entrepreneur”, who Dexerto reports is Ryan Rought, filmed a clip from a pool explaining how to buy goods “without spending a single dollar of your own money” and without having to pay it back.

In the clip, Rought detailed his fraudulent activity as he explained: “Business credit – you are not personally held responsible for that line of credit.”

He continued: “I was able to open a business that I didn’t really give a s**t about. I went and opened business credit cards in that account.

“I then proceeded to go and buy this [watch] for $100,000. I’m going to turn around and sell it to a jeweller for $80,000 in cash.”

Rought went on, explaining that he then files bankruptcy on the business, meaning he never has to pay back the credit because he is not “personally liable”.

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Rather unsurprisingly, people took to the comments to point out that he is running a scam and could get in trouble.

One user commented: “My wife the IRS auditor found this video hilarious... then she went to make a call.”

Another said: “They're gonna play this video in the courtroom btw.”

“How did you keep a straight face this entire video?” another person asked.

In a follow-up clip, Rought claimed the original video was just him trolling and “there’s no proof of me for anything because it was all complete bulls**t.”


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