The controversial 'Perc 10' TikTok dance explained

The controversial 'Perc 10' TikTok dance explained
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Since it exploded in popularity in 2020, there have been no shortage of controversial trends on the social media platform TikTok and the new “Perc 10 Dance” is no different.

The new trend takes its name from a song by rapper YN Jay titled “Perc & Sex” in which he references taking Percocet, a type of prescription opioid.

YN Jay’s track features the lyrics, “How the f**k did you pull up to the motherf**kin’ party and forget the Percs? Perc 10, I just popped a Perc 10. Perc 30, I just popped a Perc 30.”

In the new TikTok trend, videos are backed with the song and people lip-sync and dance to the track as if they are high on the drug.

Among the perc 10 dance videos gaining traction on the site, one even features a small child doing the trend, while in another a cat can be seen “dancing” to the song.

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He big vibin #fyp #foeyou #xyzbca #litty #cat #vibecheck #rizzly


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GnB had to hop on this 😂 #gnb #couplegoals #foryoupage #trending

But, while some may see it as a harmless funny trend, for others the subject matter is no joke.

Set to the Perc & Sex track, one TikToker tragically revealed in a video that a close friend died from an overdose and stressed that drugs are not something to be laughed at.


“percs”arent fun trendy or a game. ur doing fent*nyl 💊s so know that & be safe as possible. addiction is a life long disease that rips EVERYTHING & everyone u love away from u in the blink of an eye. ily beautiful,never gonna forget u🖤 #unhousedcreator #unhoused #addiction #grief #nyc #harmreduction #addicttok #wedorecover #recovery #recoverytok #harmreductionist #griefandloss

Text overlaying the clip read: “Addiction is a disease that has taken EVERYTHING and everyone I love. It’s not a trend or a joke. This song and this trend is insensitive to the heartbreak that surrounds addiciton.”

Another TikTok user commented: “I think the song sadly also represents another group of addiction where it’s so normalized it’s ‘trendy’ to participate.”

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