Recruiter says how you answer this first question predicts whether you'll be hired

Recruiter says how you answer this first question predicts whether you'll be hired
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“What if I told you that I can tell in two minutes if you’re going to get hired or not?” Clio, a TikToker and recruiter told followers in a video posted several days ago.

For anyone who has ever applied for a job, the question is intriguing and with over 700k views and 82k likes, other people seem to agree.

Clio, who goes by heyhellorecruiter on TikTok, gives helpful advice and behind-the-scenes tips for people going through the job search experience by sharing her knowledge as a recruiter for a tech company.

“You can give a lot by answering this question: Tell me about yourself,” Clio said.

The dreaded question is one many people know, it’s often the first question asked in an interview and an intimidating one.

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The open-ended, broad question invites candidates to share information about themselves that can indicate to the recruiter, like Clio, if they’d be a good match at the company they’re applying to.

And despite the intimidating question, Clio says it’s the “easiest” to answer but “many people don’t know how to answer it.”

“We’re really asking you to tell us about yourself in relation to the position you’re applying for,” Clio said in a follow-up video explaining the best way to answer the question.


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Clio said the way a candidate answers this question helps recruiters know if the candidate will be "direct and concise with all the other questions we ask" and if they took the time to read the job description, the company, and the recruiters.

So what is the best way to answer the question?

Clio says the answer should explain:

  • Your qualifications by explaining your industry experience and relationship to people or customers
  • Your interest in the job by using personal stories and feelings toward the industry
  • How your personal interest and experience is an asset to the job you're applying for
  • The reason you're applying for the job
  • Something about your personality outside of the job, like your hobbies

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For all the funny, silly videos posted to TikTok, there are also many with helpful, informative advice- like Clio's.

Clio tells viewers to "use her as a resource" when job hunting.

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