Recruiter explains why you didn't get that dream job you were perfect ...

A recruiter has revealed why you didn't get that dream job you were perfect for.

Runa Jiang, who goes by @rulewithruna on TikTok, took to her platform to share how companies would prefer hiring "people with the least amount of risk" over the most qualified candidate.

In her video captioned, "What interviews are really about: Part 1," she got into the details and said it's "all about psychology."

"As a hiring manager, they don't get paid more because you perform outstandingly like you're the first on your team. But they do get penalized if their candidates keep on quitting early or disobey authority," Jiang said.

She noted that the candidates that usually do this "are the smartest and most qualified in terms of experience and intelligence."

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"So if they don't want to hire the best candidates out there, who do they want to hire? People with the least amount of risk," Jiang said.

"And that's what interview questions are. To measure your risk."

Questions such as "Why did you leave your company'" Jiang said helps them measure your risk of leaving again.

And another question such as "'What is your biggest weakness" is to see how likely you are to "screw up."

"It's really all about psychology."


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Taking to the comments of her own post, Jiang made a disclaimer to express that there are hiring managers who "are fair and choose" the best candidates for roles.

"This is just pointing out that big company's reward and performance systems do not motivate this kind of human behavior," she wrote.

People took the comments section to share their sentiments, with many hiring managers agreeing with Jiang.

One person wrote: "The smart ones know when to jump ship."

"As a hiring manager, I can confirm - personality is a big part too," another added.

A third wrote: "True to a point, but the smartest workers know how to leverage business processes to their benefit. Also, disobeying authority is a sign of being…"

Someone else who is preparing for an interview shared how they would answer the greatest weakness question and added: "I have an interview with Microsoft next week. I'm gonna tell them my biggest weakness is I don't know how to quit."

In a "Part 2" video, Jiang said that startups hire the best candidates. She later clarified that she meant early-stage startups.

"Usually, everyone in startups have early equity, which yes, motivates them to hire the best candidates. In a fast work environment, they need high performers to solve problems."

She further added that questions asked in startup interviews often sound like, "Here's a problem, how would you solve it.'"

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