Why are people suddenly putting their toilet roll in the fridge?

Why are people suddenly putting their toilet roll in the fridge?
The straightforward trick of transforming a roll of toilet paper into a …
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A late-night session of TikTok doom-scrolling attracts all types of weird and wonderful going ons in the world. From NPC streaming to mouth-taping and random pickle eating, the platform can be a wild place.

But now, people are putting their toilet roll in the fridge – and it turns out there's a reason behind it.

The tip has been making rounds across the platform with cleaning influencers and life hack pages quick to jump on the trend.

One person claimed the trick comes from the hotel industry. Even an Aldi Nord store jumped in on the action, with their very own demonstration.

Apparently, placing a toilet roll in the fridge can act as an odour neutraliser as it absorbs any unwanted smells from foods.

Meanwhile, another person claimed they had a completely different use for it, suggesting they use it as a cold compression as it "stays cold for eight hours."

While some have found the trick impressive, there are other ways to ensure your fridge remains fresh.

Firstly, you could simply buy a fridge odour absorber for a couple of pounds.

Or, you could go down the lemon and baking soda route. Simply add two to three tablespoons of baking soda and salt to sliced lemons and pop them onto a plate and into the fridge. Keep them there for around six days.

CleaningTok has become one of the platform's highest-performing categories – and we can see why.

Recently, people "fell in love" with one woman's aesthetically pleasing hotel cleaning routine, which saw her clean her room and unpack quirky essentials on her travels.

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