Tourist booed and called 'disrespectful' for climbing ancient Mayan pyramid

Tourist booed and called 'disrespectful' for climbing ancient Mayan pyramid

A woman has gone viral for the wrong reasons after she trespassed by climbing up the ancient Mayan Temple of Kukulcan at the Chichén Itzá archaeological site in Mexico - angering fellow tourists in the process.

In the clips captured by TikToker @angelalopeze, the blonde woman can be seen walking up the 91 steps from afar despite the public being prohibited from scaling the landmark.

The decision to stop people from climbing up the steep stairs was made back in 2006 after someone died when they slipped on one of the steps causing them to tumble down on their descent, National Post reported.

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Though the woman in the TikTok video decided she was the exception to this rule, a closer clip showed her reaching the top where she appeared to go inside the building before appearing once again to give a wave and dance.

As she drew attention to herself, a crowd on the ground began to gather who were angered by the woman's actions, and made their feelings known by shouting: “Out,” “Lock her up,” and “Jail!”

"This is why you don't disrespect historic Mayan pyramids..." the TikToker wrote in on-screen text.

Eventually, the woman - who has not been identified - came back down and was greeted by furious tourists who were recording the incident on their phones, it quickly became crowded as they heckled her.

As the woman walked through the crowd, water and plastic bottles were thrown in her direction while in the caption @angelopeze summed up: "This is so disrespectful… don’t mess with my Mexican people."


this is so disrespectful… don’t mess with my Mexican people 🇲🇽 #chichenitza #disrespectful #mayanpyramid #vacation #crazy #viral

Since sharing the videos, @angelalopeze's TikTok has received 3.4m views, 426,000, along with thousands of comments from people who shared their thought on what they had just watched.

One person wrote: "For people saying 'well, you were allowed to climb before', they stopped it because all those climbs not only was dangerous but it damaged the foundations. I personally prefer to preserve the Chichen Itza."

To which @angelalopeze replied: "Yep… erosion, graffiti, and safety are the reasons we can’t climb anymore!"

"I don’t understand why they want to climb it. It’s so steep, and it’s historical. I mean one mistake and they’re tumbling to their death," another person said.

Someone else added: "Few things more embarrassing than entitled tourists."

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