Trump's mugshot has become a bizarre TikTok fusion filter

Trump's mugshot has become a bizarre TikTok fusion filter
Donald Trump arrested for fourth time

Donald Trump's mugshot made news around the world, and now you can see what your face looks like merged with the infamous image thanks to a new TikTok filter.

As part of the filter, there is a three-second countdown as the screen shows a side-by-side of you and Trump’s mugshot as your face then morphs into Trump’s face, with the original mugshot right next to yours for comparison.

For this trend, people are seeing for themselves what they look at when they merge with Trump and have been using the song "Locked Up," by Akon to add to the comedy of it all.

So far it has proven popular as there have been nearly 50,000 videos created using the filter.

Here are some examples of the most viral videos from the trend:

A TikTok from @itsary96 using the filter received 3.3m views as she admitted: "I NEVER RAN TO DO A FILTER SO FAST."


jailbird 😈 #fyp

"This better be the only mugshot I ever have," @temperiselane wrote for her video which has received 4.4m views.


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The creator of the filter @valentinbeatz88 gave a demonstration for the filter using images of different US presidents such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden as he joked he was "waiting for some important people" to use the filter.


New Donald Trump mug shot fusion filter !! #donaldtrump #mugshot #donaldtrumpfilter #lockup #trumpmugshot #fyp #foryou

Since the filter has been circulating on TikTok, viewers have been leaving comments on videos and are loving the filter.

One person said: "In response to the viral TikToks using the filter."

"Oooooh he's gonna be so mad that this is trending and I'm LOVING it," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "We’re incredibly unserious."

To try out the TikTok filter for yourself, click on a video that uses the filter and click the bottom left corner that reads "Face Fusion-Trump Mugshot," then click "use this effect" which should then open your camera and activate the filter.

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