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TikTok has, once again, revived a classic hit and transformed it into a new viral sensation. This time, it's Akon's 2004 chart topper, 'Locked Up'.

Hand-in-hand with a filter called 'POlice by Jphant', people are making light of situations and activities that would have them arrested if they were "made illegal."

An acapella of Akon's single is played as the backing track, with lyrics that say: "I'm steady tryna find the motive/Why I do what I do?"

Chances are you've seen meme on your For You Page at some point, especially with the likes of Joe Jonas and Hayley Kiyoko jumping in on the action.

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In a popular clip that's attracted almost a million views, the former Jonas Brothers singer humours: "If forgetting lyrics was illegal":

Jonas was playing on his revelation on The Late Late Show with James Cordenthat the band always forgot lyrics and had to rely on a teleprompter at shows.


Lock me up 👮‍♀️

"Self aware king," one fan joked, while another added: "We love the teleprompter king don’t worry!!!! we got u!!!!"

Meanwhile, social media personality Bryce Hall jumped on the Locked Up bandwagon by poking fun at his 2020 arrest.

"Me if I ever go on another road trip to Texas w/ Jaden and Josh," he shared with his 22.5 million TikTok followers.


We’re going to Texas again

Hall and his friend were pulled by police and arrested for drug possession on a trip to Texas. They were both said to be holding marijuana and were jailed for the night.

Singer and actor Hayley Kiyoko also joined in on the fun, referencing Disney Channel's Lemonade Mouth that she starred in.


DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND #lemonademouth

The movie was based on a group of outcasts who bond over drinking lemonade and end up forming a band.

The text overlay read: "If drinking lemonade ever becomes illegal".

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