What is the orange peel theory?

What is the orange peel theory?
TikTok claims this is the best way to peel an orange
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Often there a different trends relating to relationships, and the latest one to go viral is the orange peel theory.

It's basically where an orange represents a small albeit random favour to ask someone to peel the fruit, but what it reveals is whether you trust a person with more serious issues.

This depends on their response, whether they would peel the orange for you without question or not which provides insight into someone's character.

In a viral video by TikToker @neanotmia, she breaks down the theory in more detail which she just learned about.

"You may really enjoy eating an orange, but some people find peeling the orange to be an unpleasant task,” she said. “Maybe you get food under your nails and you don’t like that or maybe you find it difficult.”



Some of the different reactions from this question could range from “No you can peel the orange yourself,” “Fine, you’re welcome” or “I’d be happy to peel your orange for you no problem”.

“It might not literally be about peeling the orange. More so, they’re asking you for a small favor to see your reaction, to see if later they can ask you for bigger favors. And how are you gonna make them feel when they ask you to do that for them?” the TikToker added.

“This is something I’ve done before and I didn’t realise why it meant so much to my heart that this person did this small favor for me. It might just be baby steps to building that trust."

Since sharing her thoughts, the video has received 2.1m views, nearly 200,000 and plenty of comments from people.

One person said: "Not an orange, but my big sister used to ask me to take the first bite of her apple to get it started for her."

"My husband opens drink cans for me so I don't break a nail," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Acts of service love language."

"My best friend always hands me their orange juice cartons and I open it for them. No words exchanged. Just love," a fourth person commented.

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