The 'What Killed Mickey Mouse' trend will ruin your childhood

The 'What Killed Mickey Mouse' trend will ruin your childhood
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People on TikTok have been sharing their reactions to the searching the phrase "what killed Mickey Mouse" on Google in a recent trend on the video platform.

Learning how our favourite childhood characters met their demise seems to be part of a larger trend as many have also been searching how Dora or Barney the Dinosaur ‘died," and giving their live reactions.

While the trend suggests the iconic mouse is dead, that is not the case as Mickey Mouse is not canonically dead and is very much alive).

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Though if you do happen to Google "what killed Mickey Mouse," the result provide some pretty grim answer such as Mickey was “killed when his heart exploded," or "disintegrated when the Beast yelled at him."

These result may be due to a dedicated page that called the ‘List of Deaths’ wiki that documents all the deaths that happen in popular media.



In particular, "The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse," page based on the an animated series on Disney+ about the famous mouse where all the ways that characters including Mickey ‘died’ on the show are listed.

However, these instances are only cartoon violence.

But this hasn't stopped that horrified reactions on TikTok.

One person said: "I regret searching..."

"Actually traumatized me," another person wrote.

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